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  1. LOLGooglemess

    The quote at the top is funny but the thing about pascal’s wager is that it doesn’t really make any sense. It works if you assume there are two possibilities: A) there is a god, and B) there isn’t, but that’s not the situation. There are an infinite number of possible gods you could worship. What if you worship the wrong god? How would you know which one to worship? What if the actual god only lets atheists into heaven? It’s a bad philosophical experiment.

    Also, fukkin’ saved that picture.

  2. Jay

    I think most Christians today consider the Old Testament to be metaphorical and don’t really follow the literal instructions. Some of the stuff in the Old Testament is pretty bizarre.

    But yeah, the whole “worship me or go to Hell” thing never really meshed with the “loving God” idea for me.

    1. UnnamedSource

      most Christians today consider the Old Testament to be metaphorical

      Definitely. All the morons talking about dinosaurs on the Ark and God hating gays are misinterpreting the book. Not only was it meant to be allegorical, but it was written for a very different time than our own.

  3. UnnamedSource

    That’s a freaky photo.

    I’m a religious person so I disagree with some of your ideas but I did really like this line:

    I think it’s interesting that modern religion seems to be just about the exact opposite of that.

    If we talk about organized religion you’re definitely right. It’s all about money and corruption and not spirituality.

  4. Cast

    Saved that photo.

  5. Rick Moen

    Amazing how that offhand comment of mine, that I posted in the middle of a Usenet forum posting in 1997, continues to live on. Thanks.

    Best Regards,
    Rick Moen

  6. Stephen Kohnert

    Dead pent subject matter, thank you for entropy. “No human thing is of serious importance.” by Plato.

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