Tea party vs. evolution

You ever notice how people who believe in creationism look really unevolved?

This is a clip from Countdown with Keith Olbermann, and it starts off with a bit from comedian Bill Hicks (off of his Arizona Bay album). Hicks — who sadly passed away in 1994 — was an unusually sharp and observant stand-up comic, and much of his material is still relevant today, almost two decades after it was written.

In the clip, Olbermann explores how parts of the modern tea party movement have roots in the evangelical Christian right. The Christian right’s general disregard for science (up to and including their acceptance of creationism and “intelligent design”) is stupid and down-right dangerous, especially considering some high profile politicians (even ones angling for 2012 Presidential nominations) claim to hold such views.

Most of us probably remember when Mike Huckabee stated in the 2008 Presidential debates that he did not believe in evolution, or when King Bush the Second stated that the “jury’s still out” on evolution. So, not only a Presidential candidate, but a man who was actually President for eight years — a man elected to the highest office in the country — did not believe in the science of evolution. This fact still scares me.

And now we have the tea party movement. It bills itself as something entirely new, equally fed up with establishment Republicans as with Democrats, and certainly there is a wide range of political opinion to be found among tea party supporters, but by-and-large they represent the same things mainstream Republicans have for the last decade, including the Christian right’s rejection of science.

You’d think we’d have this issue solved by now. I’m still surprised people can even be taken seriously when they advocate the teaching of creationism in public schools. They want us teaching bible stories in science classes.

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